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*Insurance coverage only comes with membership to the group.

1. What is The Reenactors Group?

The Reenactors Group is an historical reenactment organization dedicated to safety and historical professionalism. We are committed to preservation of our nation’s past and sharing this passion with others. ANY REENACTOR DEPICTING AN HISTORICAL TIME PERIOD MAY JOIN OUR GROUP.  SAFTY FIRST!



2. Why do I need to join The Reenactors Group?
The Reenactors Group is an organization for ANY REENACTOR interested in telling the history of our country in a safe environment. Currently, our members include WWII, WWI, Civil War, Revolutionary War and Renaissance reenactors and players.

The Reenactors Group’s membership will provide the following member benefits:

  • We will promote your event via press release marketing and email marketing

  • Safety Rules document for your group. 

  • Access to our live-streaming interviews of top reenactors around the world 

  • Access to the video archives of the reenactment education series.

  • liability insurance coverage for your reenactments only comes with membership to the group.


 By simply joining our group and following the  Safety Rule Standards  you can benefit from the freedom, coverage, and savings our group provides.

3. Do you have more questions?

Then please send us an email at we love to talk history and answer your questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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